About SACS

It may surprise most of my clients, but I didn't always know I was going to be an entrepreneur.  I attended the College of Saint Catherine, in Saint Paul, MN.  I double majored in Sociology and Psychology and had planned to be a child psychologist.

I taught Early Childhood family Education and was going to get my Master's as I continued to teach. My offer to be an ECFE teacher was $19,000 a year.  So, instead of living in poverty, I decided to look at other options.

I was employed at Wells Fargo Bank in downtown Minneapolis for 5.5 years.  I held various positions such as a personal banker, and a small business banker helping small business owners with their accounts, and finding new business. 

My final position was an Internal Auditor.  Key responsibilities included monitoring and auditing 150 business lines, ensuring that each line of business was following the proper policies and procedures their department had set for their division. 

I left Wells Fargo to be the Operations Manager of two different companies . I managed all the internal projects for each company, created all new policies and procedures, and conducted many training sessions. I helped a company convert all their paper files into an electronic database, was responsible for the training of new employees, and managed four staff. 

My last position I held before opening up my own company, was being the Director of Marketing and Sales for a different commercial cleaning company.  I spent a few years helping this company gain business, manage clients satisfaction, hired and trained employees, and delivered hundreds of proposals. 

The experience I gained from past positions helped me make the decision to open my own company.  I had the privilege of learning both front-end and back-end business operations through building and developing businesses, sales, marketing, creating policies and procedures, conducting training, and the day-to-day operational management.

In 2012, I opened my own commercial cleaning company - Sutton's Advanced Cleaning Services. I have two office locations within the Twin Cities. One office is located in Long Lake, MN and one is in Edina, MN.  I have several employees located throughout the Twin Cities ready to serve our clients.  We serve the entire Minneapolis / St. Paul metro area, and now in select cities in western Wisconsin.

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