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Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is guaranteed
. . . . period.

It doesn't get any better than that.

We'll clean your facility at least as good as any competitor.

So Why Is Sutton's Advanced Cleaning Better?

Our Employees Are Motivated to Do A Great Job For You

SACS W-2 Employees

NOT contracted services. They care that they do a good job and are held directly responsible your good and not so good news.

Profit Sharing

Employees share in the profits of YOUR job.  They have “skin in the game”.  It’s not just a job – some of their compensation is based on how well they clean your facility every day and your satisfaction.

 . . . these can mean a lower cost to you.

Employee - Client Chemistry
Pairing clients and employees is key to a superior relationship and SACS success.  Our clients appreciate the care taken to find the right employee for the environment at their business.

Friendly - Team Player - Detailed - Caring - Efficient - Trustworthy

Quality and Process Control

Customer satisfaction is a system - all the right procedures followed correctly and monitored / improved over time. See Our Process overview.

Each employee has 5 - 8 years experience as a cleaning professional.  Employee live 5-15 minutes from each location they clean. Having many employees though-out the Twin Cities ensures clients are well serviced.

Security Background Checks

Assignments at a church, school, or a bank or similar locations will have  background checks performed on the SACS employees.  Also, we would run background checks as a client requests or as appropriate.

Drug Testing Check

Some locations require mandatory drug testing.  Sutton's employees working at your site may drug tested at the client's request.

Insured For Your Protection

SACS is insured.  A copy of the current declarations pages are provided in your notebook.  It is not required for cleaning companies to carry a bond or be licensed in MN.

Minority Woman-Owned Business

Private locally-owned American success story - built from the ground up  - not some high-priced franchise that passes to costs on to you.

Cleaning Supplies

We choose environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies as possible.

The Notebook

One of the key benefits that you can see with SACS is the customized book that is made specifically for you and your company.

Each room is outlined with specific bullet points and specifications as to what is cleaned. This is important because you know up-front what cleaning services you will be receiving.  This guarantees that the client and SACS be on the same page from the start. 

A copy of the insurance certificate is included too.

Clients say . . .

" the notebook made
            my decision easy "

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