Frequently Asked Questions

Carpet Spots - Can you remove random carpet spots, coffee spills?
  • Probably, and without asking.  Each crew has a portable carpet spot remover machine.  They will attempt to remove occasional spilled drink spots as noticed.  No guarantee they will be 100% cleaned, or stay clean as surrounding areas.  Gum, paint, ink, and other more permanent contaminants are an extra charge service. 
  • This service is not intended to replace a full carpet cleaning service or large spill carpet cleaning that is best addressed with a truck-mount or professional carpet cleaning machine.
Construction Cleanup - Do you use heavy equipment?
  • We do not use heavy equipment for construction clean-up.  Large concrete, piles of sand and rock, grading, filling in trenches, etc. are the responsibility of the site owner. 
  • It is the site owner's responsibility to provide an adequate dumpster for all trash being removed
  • We pick up trash, scrap building supplies, and small loose concrete that can be carried by one person.  We also sweep, clean windows and all surfaces, do in-work and final entire area detail cleanings.
Refrigerators - What is your process for the break room refrigerator?
  • We schedule a date / time for cleaning and ask that unneeded items be removed.
  • On cleaning day, we quickly remove remaining items, shut off freezer (if equipped)
  • We clean all surfaces, drawers, shelves, light, and drip pan with a hot water/soap/antibacterial agent
  • The freezer gets defrosted and cleaned as above, then everything is put back as close to their original locations, and the freezer is turned back on.

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