Sutton's Process

The nuts & bolts of our process is simple. 
Do the job we were hired to do, and
the way we said we would do it.

We a Sutton's Advanced Cleaning Services (SACS) are proud to provide a level of service expected by our clients.  Our No-Worry service allows you to relax knowing you don't need worry if the cleaning is getting done, or done right.  Nobody is perfect, but we come pretty darn close.   You have our satisfaction guarantee.

The Notebook

The Notebook is a core component of Sutton's Advanced Clean Service to setting the standard of cleaning and customer satisfaction.  What is it?  It is the definition of the excellent service you receive.  Clients have indicated the notebook is a great value-added feature.

  • Descriptions of services available & performance standards and specifications
  • Copy of your agreement of services - sets clear expectations
  • SACS and Client contact information
  • Crew identification - names, contacts, site non-disclosure agreements
  • Forms to communicate cleaning needs to SACS
  • Copy of insurance certificate
  • MSDS for all cleaning supplies
  • Safety, security, and emergency procedures
  • Quality Control checklist

The Best People
No matter how shiny the trucks or how pressed the uniforms are, the one key component is the quality of the people doing the cleaning services.  We at SACS work hard to hire the best available people.

  • hire right - personality, skills, background, location to job, not contractors
  • incentives - profit share - portion of compensation based on your satisfaction
  • train right - written procedures, job skills & standards, customer interface
  • match with client - right personality for the client and environment

Training & Quality Control
Even great people need training.  We give all employees training on the myriad of expected performance standards, and client-specific information to achieve and maintain client satisfaction.  This process also isn't some one-shot effort - it's continual. Some examples are: 
  • operations manual - periodic review, revision and training on content and updates
  • communications - styles for different situations, conflict avoidance / resolution, comm. notices
  • appearance - SACS standards and client expectations
  • quality control - written procedures, standard purchases, check sheets, etc.
  • management review - unscheduled facility reviews, scheduled client feedback sessions
  • safety - MSDSs, accident prevention / reporting procedures, lifting limits, weather, PPE
  • security - badges, access control, key / code mgmt., non-authorized areas, other persons
  • cleaning techniques - spot removal, hazardous materials avoidance and notification

Why is this important?  Because where other cleaning services fail - SACS succeeds. Worry-Free

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